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VANACO is since her start in 2007 a innovative and international service provider.

We would like to call ourselves “project office – project agency”, with as ultimate goal:

For both (end) client as well as the contractor (the subcontractor in question) facilitation in the most  broadest sense, of the present projects, with the (end) purpose to deliver the projects in time, correct, according to the rules of art and in accordance with agreements. Project management but also project supervision plays there the crucial role, where both of them in a broader scope to be seen than only the activities on the workplace.

We offer high-quality project based services. We guide and facilitate different kind of projects for clients in – for example – the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany through the input of highly experienced, skilled and educated specialized craftsmen.

VANACO is already active in several disciplines, like for example construction and industry – but not limited to them only. Using skilled and specialized craftsmen, brought over to the West from out of the newest EU Member countries, for the duration of the contracted projects. These specialists will be extra educated – schooled – trained – re-schooled more than ones, in our own schooling / training institute though. These specialists are employed by our partners specialised in the matter. VANACO also has the knowledge, expertise and network to offer identical project solutions to other branches.

By joining forces and experiences gathered throughout many years activity in the trade and industry, this in combination with a broad national and international network – we are capable of offering solutions for many projects. The correct and timely delivery of the contracted projects as well as education and guidance in all facets are central in the vision of VANACO, just as good agreements with our partners concerning the employment- and living conditions for their employees. We also guide the latest mentioned here. Furthermore we will remain responsible for the quality as well as quantity of the contracted projects and we guarantee a professional project management.


Each project stands on it own and will be studied thoroughly, so we can offer you a specific solution for each (specific) project. Transparent agreements and competitive prices will be agreed on and contracted, up front  according to the wishes of our clients and according to the potentials of our partners, therefore avoiding any after project surprises.

For the optimal completion of the work we insure a quality on site working environment.

Everybody from abroad will also receive maximum and professional guidance and support at the work locations. Also we create ideal accommodation and living conditions.

The projects can be contracted and executed at any location, as project leadership will be onsite, and accommodation in the nearby surroundings.

Our Services

Due to the very wide experience (good but also less good) it was decided to set up our own training institute, as after all it turned out and proved that the norms and values ​​and quality and quantity / productivity in West Europe go to a different level as for example in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, hence these sometimes specific subject-related knowledge and skills and “tips & tricks” from Western Europe are more demanding than elsewhere. A phenomenon that we specifically want to name is the masonry / brick masonry / façade masonry as in some countries in Western Europe it’s quite nuance, but something that in most (other) countries is totally not nuance, on the contrary. It then becomes difficult and almost impossible to recruit skilled craftsmen elsewhere.

Because of this conclusion “the first stone has been laid” and “the foundation has been established” of our schooling / training, after all there is already a shortage of specific professionals, and it will become more and more and probably even in the short term. VANACO  responds to this and educates practitioners to become acceptable and productive professionals who, under somewhat less intensive supervision, are functioning well, specifically for those countries where this discipline is very common.

The training is accompanied by a training in basic language skills, and safety is also of paramount importance. After all, these last two elements have also caused a great deal of negativity and then the lack of (sufficient) knowledge of them.

The program varies in length / duration and is entirely dependent on the prior knowledge of the students, but also their motivation, commitment and inquisitiveness. After the training, VANACO continues to offer aftercare.

Derivatives of the specific masonry are gluing of all kinds of stones / blocks / materials, gluing of elements with a small crane, gluing brick slips, and so on, even specific masonry training has been provided by VANACO, such as “dunbed”, and do not forget joining and pointering, much attention is also paid to this.

Expansions in terms of training are in full swing, including stone strips, tiling, installing air ducts =  vent holes = air channels, installing solar panels, installers, plumbers.

We would like to contact you for specific training courses in order to realize this via a certain form of cooperation.


VANACO finds new projects for her foreign partners but then – for them – in Western Europe, we guide and advise our partners on all aspects of correct, legal international employment before, as well as all project related issues, during and after the projects.

Our projects are normally big, very detailed technical projects. Because VANACO takes over all responsible for the quality of the work, we will make good, accomplishable agreements with our partners. You will work closely with our local project leaders who will be on site daily. Together with the project leaders you will guide your employees intensively concerning their skills and working attitude. The project leader will agree with you the best implementation of your qualified employees. Because of this method the quality will be in accordance with the demands of our clients.

The project leaders together with your coordinators will produce daily and weekly rapports. Important aspects of these reports will include the achieved productivity and evaluate the professional quality and quantity of the respective teams. These rapports will presented to you frequently, so you will have first hand information about your employees so that you can take any appropriate measurements to guarantee a perfect project planning and on time delivery.

In the case of (contracted) extra work, our project leader will agree the additional requirements and costs with the client and discuss this with you. This will insure that all parties involved, the client, you and us, achieve the most efficient solution possible.

The project leader also will keep a keen eye on the on timely delivery of materials, tools and other necessary equipment. Also he will check the presence of safe working tools and equipment and he will organize a safe working environment.

The project leaders will always be available during office hours via mobile telephone and they are the intermediate between you and our clients.

We also work closely with “trouble shooters” these are local craftsmen (Dutch, Germany, Belgium) who can be called on to quickly tackle any small errors, within two working days or even faster. Also if for any reason the project comes under pressure for a timely completion, we can call on these relations to help. Delays caused by small errors in the final phase can in this way be avoided.

We will participate in the project meetings, toolbox meetings, safety meetings and provide you with reports to insure optimal communication.

Most of the time there are new projects available before your present contracted work is complete. As usual you will receive the plans, drawings, proposals and/or ideas already upfront, so you can study the project before contracting.

Client responsibilities

The general conclusion is that nowadays it is extremely difficult – for example in the construction and industry branches – to find the required qualified specialists, especially when we talk about temporally (big) projects. But VANACO  can offer you tailor made solutions.

Before every project our specialist will study your planning, drawings, proposals and/or ideas; based on this we will present our proposal. Your request will be answered within several days. With your agreement to our proposal we will raise a contract detailing all aspects and requirements of the project.

The completion of the contracted project will be under continuous supervision of our competent local project leaders – depending on the type of project though -, who guarantee a perfect and optimal communication between you and our executing business partners. The actual execution will be done by employees of our partners (contractors) out of the newest EU Member countries or by employees employed by acknowledged and known agencies. They employ the skilled craftsmen who will operate in teams. In every team there will be at least one team leader who speaks English or German.

Our project leaders will be onsite daily and will make daily, weekly reports to quickly highlight eventual problems or better still, detect such problems at an early stage so they can be prevented.. In the case where a problem does occur, this will be quickly solved to insure the minimum loss of time. Costs attached to these solutions are ours.

Because you will meet our project leaders regularly extra work or sudden additions can be discussed and agreed on within minutes. Proclamations, ordering materials etc, all is possible in this project management construction.

During working hour’s  our project leaders will be available on mobile phones and will operate as the intermediate between you, us and our partners.

We will participate in the project meetings, toolbox meetings, safety meetings and provide you with reports to insure optimal communication.

All obligatory social, fiscal, contractual and administrative disciplines will be taken care of by us.

We make sure that both before and during a project all obligatory documentation required for legal international employment are.

In fact we’ll do all necessary for clients, subcontractors and suppliers and their employees to deliver the project accurate, in time and as upfront agreed on.

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